The Information Collector

There’s a down-side to being an open-minded, non-judgmental single gal: you end up in some random-ass social situations, embroiled in conversations which include “Wanna go skydiving? Tomorrow?”

Not that there’s anything wrong with skydiving, so far as I can tell (there’s that sunny disposition again), but as I take a sip of my beer, the guy next to me continues. He sees I’m not sold on skydiving within the next 12 hours, so he effuses about his other three favorite pastimes: riding his Chopper; driving on the beach with his Rottweiler, Cujo, whose never-ending string of drool is captured in an iPhone album through various Instagram settings—look! Here he is with a beer cozy!; and perpetually working on his Scout while fashioning a sidecar for Cujo so he, too, can experience the glory of the Chopper as it revs down Front Street in Wilmington.  Read more…

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