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Meals on Wheels: Wilmington’s Food Truck Frenzy

5 Mar

Meals on Wheels by Jamie Lynn Miller   Like a chorus of cicadas rising from behind a fence on the corner of Second and Orange streets, or the renegade splashes of unseen fish in Masonboro Sound, a gourmet food truck simply materializes. From Austin, Texas to New Orleans, Louisiana and Portland, Oregon to Miami, Florida, […]

Valentine’s Day Committee for Change

30 Jan

  Once again, V- Day is looming. I call it V- Day because Hallmark’s favorite holiday–Valentine’s Day–is a bit like D-Day, especially for the men, I suppose. It’s romantic warfare: the pressure is on and everything will completely blow up, if you don’t do everything exactly right.  You’ll have a disaster of epic proportions on your […]


12 Nov

There are three and a half pages of Church listings in the Wilmington Area phone book, followed by listings for Cigar and Cigarette Lighters; so if you’re not in church, and you’re not jogging, you’re probably smoking on a Sunday morning. Two Sundays ago, I run to the park and the usually deserted baseball field […]

Aspen Paints the Town “En Plein Air”

1 Jun

The plein air artist at work: Bryan Mark Taylor is one of this year’s featured participants at the 2nd Annual Aspen Plein Air Celebration, Art Show and Sale. More images ASPEN, Colo.—Aspen’s Wheeler Opera House teams up with Telluride’s Sheridan Opera House this week in a nonprofit meeting of masterminds. The 2nd Annual Aspen Plein […]

Woody Creek Wisdom

1 Jun

There’s this woman that comes into my workplace. As a writer, I’ve discovered the isolation everyone talks about, the zoning out in front of a white screen for hours, delete delete, run-on sentence, ramble, eyes blurring, come back and look at it later, time to get some fresh air – so it’s good to step […]

Sienna Wine Bar and Small Plates, My New BFF

1 Jun

“It’s hard to look cool eating one of these,” says Cooper Langdon, risking a gaffe for another spoonful of gourmet mac and cheese, courtesy of Sienna Wine Bar and Small Plates’ Grand Opening Celebration. A chocolate fondue fountain trickles down, while reds, whites, sparklings and roses greet outstretched hands. Deep within the hand-crafted bar, gallions, […]

Japanese Cowboys

6 Dec

Wyoming is the least populated state in the nation. Cows, steers, road construction and legendary wind are the main signs of life.   People, however, they usually come from elsewhere, just temporarily, for a brief glimpse at the last frontier. With more cattle than full-time residents, Wyoming beef is legendary. Even the road signs tout […]


30 Jun

It’d been over 20 years and I wanted to know what happened to my wild, spiky-haired friend from high school. Married, three kids, two of them twins; still in great shape and dancing in an all-female revue, of the non-exotic variety, 40-something and strutting across the stage like she did in our show pop choir […]

Tales from the Gondola: Best of the Ride, 2009

2 Jun

Best of the Gondola 2009 “I’m not like my mother; I like to stereotype. It’s faster.” – George Clooney, Up in the Air My friend Will tells me I need a fur coat. I’d like to think he’s simply concerned about my core body temperature but I know his reasons are guided more by the […]