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The Information Collector

6 May

There’s a down-side to being an open-minded, non-judgmental single gal: you end up in some random-ass social situations, embroiled in conversations which include “Wanna go skydiving? Tomorrow?” Not that there’s anything wrong with skydiving, so far as I can tell (there’s that sunny disposition again), but as I take a sip of my beer, the […]

Love Knows No Mapquest

5 Mar

These are not Internet love stories, or tales of arranged matches. These are tales of soulmates finding each other the old-fashioned way, by living their lives and leaving the rest to fate. Eric and Gretchen Kozen The Scene: Oakdale Cemetery, June 25, 2004. A long overdue ceremony to mark Grave No. 5, Row No. 8 […]

Behavioral Issues

16 Nov

  Last winter, I started going to the climbing gym in the mornings.  And by mornings I mean around 11.  My freshman year in college, I judged a class’ merit by its starting time: I majored in whatever subject started at noon. In the same spirit, starting my freelance day a little later suits my […]

Yard Sale in Green Fringe

14 Aug

I start the day early because I didn’t put a time on the signs.  I figure the sale will start when I’m ready to drag all my shit out and lay it across the lawn.  But I’m wrong.  The rummagers come early and while I’m partially set up by 8:15, one seriously- seasoned expert in […]

The Truth Behind Aspen’s New Year’s Resolutions

2 Jun

Someone dragged their Bowflex home gym down the stairs, onto the snow and out to the dumpster. A discouraging sight for the New Year’s Resolutions department, considering it’s only January 11. More optimistically, maybe Mr. Bowflex’ fitness goals include getting out onto the cross-country course and away from those “one machine, fit for life” infomercials? […]