My Boyfriend Bruce

Catchy title, eh? I actually mean my imaginary boyfriend Bruce–but if he ever hears this, he may just show himself. It’s an experimental, old-timey-radio type of Sonic Byways: the music of the Boss set to a spoken-word tribute to the man, the music and my first true love, Bruce Springsteen.

Jackie Greene Goes Off the Grid

The Home Studio has gone mobile; much like The Who, without the tour bus and the groupies and stuff. Huka Entertainment and Progressive Music brought Jackie Greene, a Sonic Byways favorite, to Wilmington, so I grabbed my mixer and a couple of mics and Jackie and I laid down some audio. Sitting cross-legged at twilight in the courtyard of the Brooklyn Arts Center, we talked upbringing, typewriters, whatever happened to cursive – and what happens when you actually live your life instead of tweet about it.

Tattoo, cello and concert with your spin cycle?

This week, it’s an enlightened evening at the laundromat. Jamie takes a break from not seeing live music and hits the Mother Lode: Ben Sollee, Luke Reynolds, with shades of Abigail Washburn at Wilmington, North Carolina’s The Soapbox. A load of laundry, a potential tattoo, a killer concert on the top floor – now THAT’s a proper nightclub.

Sonic Byways is in the Swamp

Welcome to Sonic Byways from Wilmington, NC – Jamie sets up shop in her home studio; think humidity, unidentified “critters” and walls that are talking. The new Sonic Byways studio dates back to 1858 – but don’t worry, the music is a little more current. This week, we’ll discover Yarn, the Wood Brothers, some of Wilmington’s finer speakeasies and music venues, and revisit the grandeur of Peter Wolf.

Patti Fiasco Will Torch Your Town

While gettin’ jiggy in my home studio in Wilmington, North Carolina, I’m reminiscing about the Wilds of Wyoming and a band to be reckoned with, Patti Fiasco. I first heard the Fiasco outdoors, lots of hay and a forest and barn-burning guitar riffs and then, they moved a few blocks over to Jill Hunter’s rip-roaring Lander Bar, where they thoroughly lit the town on fire. I told them about a little place called Aspen and now, they’re coming. Enjoy a vintage Sonic Byways and kindred sounds from Johnette Napolitano, just in time for Patti Fiasco’s Aspen debut. As of press time, the band is still on fire.

Donovan Frankenreiter Saved My Surfboard

Love, Hope, Strength: hiking with aging rock stars, surfing with fashionable musicians and raising money for cancer research… Julie Lampton regales Jamie Lynn with tales of Everest, trekking with Squeeze and a glorious mishap in Kauai, as Donovan saved the day. Featuring stories and music from The Alarm, Stray Cats, Squeeze, Fastball and Donovan Frankenreiter.

Millers, Music and the Middle East

This week on Sonic Byways: Featuring Kutcher Miller, International Media – and Music- Man of Mystery. From MTV to the Middle East, featuring Beanland, Jason Isbell, talented newcomer Alice Reid… and a Sonic Byways World Premiere of WIDESPREAD PANIC (never before heard on a Jamie Lynn radio show).

The Dandy Warhols are in the Building

After years of interviews and in-studio sessions, Jamie talks to her first real set of Rock Stars. The Dandy Warhols’ Courtney Taylor-Taylor and Brent DeBoer give the inside scoop on Dig! – what really happened, vs. what was 90% staged – and welcome the Brian Jonestown Massacre to dinner. From the shower scene in Spinal Tap to the French Police, they reminisce about life on the road, while cursing the the elevation in Aspen, Colorado. Enjoy a sampling of recorded tracks, and the most intense unplugged Sonic Byways performance to date.

SXSW Comes to Sonic Byways

Jamie tears her ACL and decides to go to SXSW Music Festival for a pre-surgery hurrah. She discovers a five-hour Woody Guthrie Tribute; ogles Bruce Springsteen during his keynote address; visits with well-dressed musicians (Patrolled by Radar!) and pries herself away from day-drinking just in time to catch her flight.

Back in Aspen, it’s the Aspen’s 7908 Songwriter’s Festival, and Austin’s Carrie Rodriguez and Luke Jacobs stop by the studio for a special Saturday a.m. edition of Sonic Byways. The three talk songwriting therapy, food trailer favorites, and Carrie’s penchant for a coupla ice-cold Baltimore Ladies.

Featuring an in-studio performance, highlights from SXSW and a music medley from The Preservationists and Patrolled by Radar…you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll go to Austin.

Songs I Can Sorta Play on Guitar

Jamie discusses her love for the capo, which has revolutionized her guitar tab possibilities – if not her 90-second chord change …