The Topless Episode: Jesse Stockton and Philip Stokes

It’s a hot, steamy session of Sonic Byways, featuring Jesse Stockton and Philip Stokes as Moonlight Co. We’re in Jamie Lynn’s new recording studio/sweatlodge/warehouse digs at Wilmington’s Art Factory, and it’s positively dripping mojo. This week’s guests dole out candid conversation, an impromptu jam session, and why you should never sell a dryer on Craig’s List. But first–they take their shirts off.

Emily’s First Warren Zevon

It’s a dark and stormy night on Sonic Byways, a perfect time for a good visit from an old friend. And corralling her onto the mic. Emily Hyatt from Aspen, and now Baltimore, drives down to Wilmington, grabs Jamie, and drags her to a beach bungalow in Oak Island, North Carolina. Jamie straps Emily to the chair (this is getting good), introduces her to Warren Zevon, and peer-pressures her into co-hosting Sonic Byways. Emily provides her own one-liners; you just can’t script this sort of thing.

The Day the MP3 Player Died

What do Patrolled By Radar, Patti Smith, The Velvet Underground and The Wood Brothers have in common? They were playing across borders, in unison, the day the MP3 player died.

Never mind the end of the world. This was way more catastrophic.

Jamie, stuck in the Dominican Republic; tropical rain falling down, music blasting through the MP3 player and across the palm trees until–dead silence. Battery too low. System shutdown.

She had an outlet but unfortunately, she had no charger. So what were the last tunes on the desert island? An amalgamation of punk, folk and rockabilly, in no particular order. This week on Sonic Byways, we’ll revisit that fateful soundtrack. Turn it up, bring your chargers–or better yet, throw a gal an IPOD.

Listen Only After World Doesn’t End

Jamie’s sailing off the edge of the world before the ball drops, so here’s an advanced musical surprise. However: Do Not Tune In Before December 22, 2012. I’m serious. This is one present you can’t open early; you’ll jinx it, and then where will we be? Flailing about the universe without a post-apocalypic music bed. Come December 23, here’s a sublime Sonic Byways for those who wait.

Jackie Greene Goes Off the Grid

The Home Studio has gone mobile; much like The Who, without the tour bus and the groupies and stuff. Huka Entertainment and Progressive Music brought Jackie Greene, a Sonic Byways favorite, to Wilmington, so I grabbed my mixer and a couple of mics and Jackie and I laid down some audio. Sitting cross-legged at twilight in the courtyard of the Brooklyn Arts Center, we talked upbringing, typewriters, whatever happened to cursive – and what happens when you actually live your life instead of tweet about it.