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On the air, on the road; tune in to Sonic Byways, Saturdays at 8 p.m streaming on That’s Mountain Standard Time, so if you’re 4-wheelin’ in the Serengeti or listening on your Ipad 10,000 leagues under the Red Sea – check your local timetable.

Having been on-air in FM radio for over 15 years, Jamie Lynn is an enthusiastic music journalist and a perennial live music aficionado. She’s also a dedicated rock climber, life-long skier, frequent flier and endless road-tripper.

Convertible season brings music festivals, climbing trips and the open road—top down, heat up. With musical tastes all over the map, she’s taken many a scenic drive to soak up new sounds and learn more about existing favorites. Jamie Lynn’s Sonic Byways combines a love of a good lyric with an appreciation for the singer-songwriter, exploring connections between musical genres and musical regions from around the country.


James Justin and Company: the Dive Bar Episode

This week on Sonic Byways, Jamie detains her favorite traveling band of friends in the back room of Reggie’s 42nd St. Tavern, for some hearty guffaws, the good word on the new album and to get a closer look at Bailey’s finely-coiffed moustache.

Tax Day from Folsom Prison

It must’ve been both sides and all the groovy liner notes on my Johnny Cash “Live at Folsom Prison” LP…cuz I finally got a tax refund. Thanks Johnny! Tune into a just-for-fun-and-refund episode of Sonic Byways, and join Jamie as she wades through receipts just long enough to flip to Side 2.

Bronze Radio Returns…

…let’s hope so! Jamie heads to the back room of the Soapbox Laundrolounge and Night Club, and tonight, the Sonic Byways Lair, to catch-up with Chris Henderson of Bronze Radio Return. An appreciative crowd soaked up the positive on-stage vibes, and rock and roll’s nicest lead singer effuses on the importance of positive energy, radios with knobs and writing original music–and in a confessional, never-before-recorded radio moment, Henderson admits he’s intimidated by cover bands.